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Remodeling a Small Bathroom - Ideas and Designs!

When preparing for remodeling small bathroom, you look at many different things.  Bathrooms need storage areas no matter the size, so smaller bath storage cabinets are a must.  All bathrooms need a sink, so bath vanities and sinks are definitely something to take a look at.  You can even get smaller bathtubs to be able to have a tub in your bath.


Choosing a smaller sink can help create some much needed space in small bathrooms.  Sinks may come in pedestals, vanity counters, or wall mounts. 

small bathroom sink



Vanities provide beauty and function for your bath.  When remodeling a small bathroom, vanities can help create additional space - some of the vanities have drawers, and some have room for towels and accessories.


small bathroom vanities



Bathtubs are not only trendy but also convenient. Choosing the right bathtub for your bath can be a difficult task especially when space is an issue. You might find it difficult to fit a standard sized bathtub in your bath so you would have to turn to small bathtubs when choosing one. Just because the space of your bath is limited doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy soaking in a bathtub. A small bathtub can give you the same bathing pleasure and enjoyment.



Design is very important, and time should be spent to make the bath all that you want it to be.  The ambiance of the bath is important no matter the size of the bath room.  The ideal bath room is the one that makes you want to spend extra time there. So why stay in a bath room that makes you uncomfortable? You can remodel your comfort zone. But sometimes, people face the bathroom remodel problem of small bath rooms. This can be solved easily only if you know the techniques. There are a lot of small bath designs available or you can design it yourself.


small bathroom design



Is it time to give your small bath room a face lift? When people think of bath remodeling they typically think of tearing everything out and starting from scratch. In many instances you can make a huge impact with small bathroom makeovers. Here are a few tips on how you can pump new life into your old bath room for under a $1000 dollars.


small bathroom makeover


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