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Replacement Bathroom Cabinet Doors

Why waste money on new cabinets when you can upgrade your existing ones. Replacement bathroom cabinet doors can be a good answer for budget conscious do it yourselfers. Many times your existing bathroom cabinets are in decent structural condition but have become quite unpleasing to the eye.

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In those situations it can be a good idea to keep your existing cabinets and use replacement bathroom cabinet doors to spruce up your old cabinets. For those who want to replace their whole cabinets with new cabinets then by all means do so.....But for those on a budget, replacement bathroom cabinet doors can be just the answer they are looking for.

Replacing the doors is not that difficult to do; however, one option to consider is refinishing your old bathroom cabinet doors. Here, I will give you the basic steps to get your old cabinets looking new again whether through replacement bathroom doors, or refinishing the ones you have now.

First off you must decide if your existing cabinets are worth saving.

Are they structurally sound?

Do they provide the storage space you desire?

Are you happy with them?

If you answer no to any of these questions then you are probably better off purchasing new ones. Here are some more budget-conscience options for replacing your cabinets on ebay....

For those of you who answered yes to the above questions then the rest of this page is for you.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Once you decide that you want to keep your existing cabinets and upgrade them then you must measure the height and width of your old doors and take into consideration what you want your upgraded cabinets to look like when finished. You can keep the same look as your old cabinets or you can refinish them or paint them.

2. Take those measurements and information to a home improvement supply store that sells replacement bathroom cabinet doors to have them order your replacement doors. They can usually order pre finished doors or unfinished doors and you can finish them yourself. You will also want to get the door hinges. The best way is to order your doors with adjustable hinges preinstalled on the doors.

3. Once your bathroom cabinet replacement doors arrive you can then remove your old cabinet doors and hinges.

4. Before you fasten your new replacement cabinet doors you will want to refinish your existing cabinets to match your new doors. If you got your new doors unfinished then you will want to finish those also. To do this you just putty any holes and sand your cabinets and doors. Be sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Then stain and finish or paint your cabinets and doors.

5. Then all that is left is to install your new bathroom replacement cabinet doors by screwing and adjusting the hinges to fit your cabinets. When fastening your new hinges be sure to drill pilot holes for the screws so that the screws will not crack your cabinet.

There you have it. A great way to spruce up your old cabinets without breaking the bank.

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