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Replacing Shower Tub Faucet - a simple How To


Replacing shower tub faucet is a simple do-it-yourself procedure.

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Here is the quickest and easiest set of steps for it.

  1. Shut off the water supply – For obvious reasons, make sure that the water supply is off. You wouldn't want water all over the place when the old, leaking faucet is removed. Open the valves as well and drain out the excess water.

  2. Have the new parts and sets ready – Choose wisely and purchase the right faucet replacement for your bathtub making sure that it is compatible to the pipe sets it will be connected to. Check for the good kind of material and avoid faucets that are susceptible to early leakage.

  3. Gently and carefully disassemble – Gently remove the existing, leaking faucet. Carefully pry it out with a strong, thin pocketknife blade . If it does not come off, do not pull it out forcefully as it may only worsen the condition. Patiently work on removing the handle off of the wall. Once it comes off, unscrew the part which controls the amount of water. This part is known as the stem assembly.

  4. Install the new set – after successfully removing old and leaking bathtub faucet, carefully install the newly purchased one. Follow provided instructions if there are any, and make sure to tighten and seal the parts that are supposed to be sealed. Grease the handles enough and perfectly fit the pieces together.

  5. Let set – Let sealants dry if there have been any applied around the surface. Let the whole installation set for about thirty minutes to an hour with constant checking. Only when the whole thing is sturdy enough can the water supply be switched back on.

Remember that only minor replacing shower tub faucet procedures can be done on a DIY basis. The best thing to do before anything else is to consult a plumber. It is never wrong to consult even about the pettiest things. After all, what's a little problem addressed compared to a big problem ignored? Consult a plumber and find out if professional services are needed or if the leak can be dealt with alone. In the end, bathtub faucets require very minimal care. The best way to avoid these leaks is accomplish proper installation and observe proper use.

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