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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If what you have is a small bathroom, decorating it just might just be what you need to do to completely change the look. Especially if you don’t seem to like the fact that the space is very limited, and you just have to do something. Just because it’s a tiny bath space doesn’t mean that it has to be plain and dull. You have the chance to exhibit your creative side and more importantly, you get to transform your once unpleasant bath into a showplace.

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Some Good Tips

Small baths don't give you a lot of room to work with, so you need to be creative.... below are a few small bathroom decorating ideas that may be just the ticket!

small bathroom decorating ideas

Pay attention to the lighting

Make sure you choose a nice overhead light or bright light over the mirror to brighten up the room.  You might also consider an accent lamp on a small table or shelf.  This will lend a quieter theme to the small area if it is to be used as a guest bathroom.

Add a space-saver shelf

Since you are dealing with a small area, you might add just one additional shelf or table to store towels or soap.  The table can also be used for a small lamp or vase of flowers.  Having additional storage space can be a real help in smaller areas.

Choose a color theme and decorate to it

As I say over and over... sometimes, just adding a new coat of paint may be all that is needed to make a room look completely different.  If you have chosen your bathroom colors, then choose some matching towels and accessories that will go good with this color scheme.  Be minimalistic in your decorating approach, but make it your own!

It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom. Decorating it will convert it into something you can be proud of. Put some thought and time into it... and make it your own!

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