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Small Bathroom Design Ideas - make the most of the space available

Small Bathroom Design is very important, and time should be spent to make the bath all that you want it to be.  The ambiance of the bath room is important no matter the size of the room.  The ideal bath is the one that makes you want to spend extra time there. So why stay in a bath that makes you uncomfortable? You can remodel your comfort zone. But sometimes, people face the remodel problem of small bathrooms. This can be solved easily only if you know the techniques. There are a lot of small bathroom designs available or you can design it yourself.

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Small bath remodel takes a lot of creativity and a wide of variety of ideas. The usual technique is to use some illusions to make the room bigger. Illusions can come in the form of lighting, fixtures, and colors. Since you have a small bathroom, you should utilize all the spaces available and use space saver fixtures.

Using vertical lines, like stripes, when it comes to wallpapers or tiles can give the illusion of a bigger room or adds height. Large printed wallpapers should be avoided or wallpapers with busy patterns. Another one is having your tiles reach the ceiling.

Another illusion is by using mirrors. This can distribute the light that the room has and makes the room look bigger. Mirrors can add height to the room and even depth. Mirrors are common in small spaces because of the illusion that they bring. Small bathroom designs always have mirrors.

 This lighted corner cabinet would brighten a small bathroom.....


small bathroom cabinet

Small Bathroom Vanity - Modern Bathroom

The room should also have more light, may it be natural or artificial. But it is best if the room receives ample amount of natural light. This requires bigger windows or adding more windows in the room. If having bigger windows is impossible, you can always use artificial light. The lights to be used should have higher wattage so that the room will be bright. The perimeter of the room should also be illuminated and dark corners should be avoided. Basically, the room should be bright because dark spaces make them look narrow and small.

Use light colored materials and fixtures. This adds up in making the room bright. It is advisable to use pastel colors to break the dullness of the room.

The flooring of the room should be visible in order to have an illusion of large space. Also, you can use larger tiles to achieve that effect. As much as possible, float the cabinets and hang every stuff that can be hung. Remember that the walls are also spaces to be utilized. Better yet, move the cabinets outside the bathroom if possible. Pedestal vessels are also advisable to be used to save space. Large vanities should be avoided because aside from the fact that they eat up space (which can be avoided when you don’t use them), they give the effect of narrower room. Instead, use simple fixtures because they give the opposite effect that large vanities give. You can also use sliding doors. They help in saving space. Besides, they are easy to hide if you want to.

Angled shower with clear enclosures can also be used to save space. Avoid bathtubs. However, there are showers that have small tubs. These can replace bathtubs if you really want to have something where you can lie down and relax.

The most important thing in small bathroom designs is de cluttering. It is a must that you remove all unnecessary things in your bathroom. Your bathroom is a place of comfort and you should get rid of the things that make you uncomfortable.


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