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Small Bathroom Ideas - three designs to consider

With these three small bathroom ideas, you can have a fabulous bath even if all you have is a tiny area. If the room for your bath and toiletry needs is limited, it doesnít mean that you have to settle for a comfort room that youíre not really a fan of. By getting creative, you can mix and match various fixtures to transform your washroom into a spot you always want to be in.

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Concerns with Small Bathrooms

small bathroom ideasBecause of the fact that they make it challenging to move around in, small baths are quite difficult to really appreciate. However, if a small bathroom is what you have, you are left with not much of a choice but to develop it. Lest you prefer to be displeased everytime you take a bath, you have to force yourself to do something to change the mindset you are carrying. As a start, understand the pros and cons of what a limited bathroom has for you so you can decide whether you will push through with ideas of improving it or not.


  • Simple
  • Less expensive
  • Personalized
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not much room for cabinets
  • Can only accommodate a person at a time

Idea #1

Install a tub with the availability of a shower and inches from it, set up a toilet bowl and a sink. This proposal doesnít include a cabinet but when itís a simple arrangement of toilet and bath that you want, this is a great option.

Idea #2

Have a walk in bathroom where you have a sink with cabinets preceded by a toilet bowl and at the end, a shower. You can simply place your stuff on the floor but if you prefer racks (for shampoos and soaps) to be positioned, thatís up to you.

Idea #3

Set up an enclosed and elevated space in a room that you can use both as a tub and also as a sink. Adjacent it, you can situate a toilet bowl and if you like, you can build cabinets next to it.


Especially if you are planning to remodel your bathroom by yourself and itís a first home improvement project for you, you have to acknowledge all the advices handed to you.  When it comes to a small bathroom, ideas that can guide you in getting all the work done will cause you to save time, labor, and money.

  • Decide on the bathroom that you want.
  • Ask someone to help.
  • Buy materials online.
  • Be patient.

Just because the area for your shower is quite minute, it is not a reason for you to be stuck with a setting you donít like. Be innovative and learn to broaden how you think. If you ponder on it, you know there is something you can do. With these small bathroom ideas, you are presented with choices. Itís up to you how you proceed. You can either copy what these proposals suggest or you can get inspiration from them.

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