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Small Bathroom Makeovers

Is it time to give your small bath room a face lift? When people think of bath room remodeling they typically think of tearing everything out and starting from scratch. In many instances you can make a huge impact with small bathroom makeovers. Below are a few tips on how you can pump new life into your old bath room for under a $1000 dollars.

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Find inspiration, if you watch interior design shows you will notice that the designers often find one object that inspires them and then work around it. It may sound silly but it's a great way to help you think outside the box. Simply looking at your current bath room will not help you break the mold, you need to be inspired and take chances.


Change One Thing

Since it's not a full bath room remodel you can afford to make a few mistakes, save receipts just in case you change your mind. Below are a few ideas to think about once you find your inspiration.  Adding a new bathroom vanity can make a big difference in your bath. The bath room vanity typically is the focal point of your bath room, especially if you bath room is small. Adding a unique vanity and faucet can completely change the look and feel of your bath room. Using materials such as stone or glass basins and countertops will add an element of sophistication that normal porcelain vanities cannot obtain. Don't fear to be unique.

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Paint Your Small Bathroom

Paint can also add a dramatic affect. Changing the color of your bath room or adding texture can easily change the look and feel. Use light colors in small bathroom makeovers to make it seem more spacious. Also adding unique materials like exotic wood accents like teak or zebra wood to a wall will give the bath room that palatial feel.



Accessorize your bath room. New bath room accessories such as towel hooks, shower curtains or soap dispensers can also have a dramatic affect. It is best to do some research online to get ideas of the look and feel you are going for. Many of these items can be purchased at local big box stores for under $100.


What about the Floor?

Small bathroom makeovers can also include carpets and floor treatments. Try to break out of the box of boring solid color shag bath room mats. Everyone uses them and to make a serious impression you will have to think outside the box. New bath room mats and a paint job may be all you need to really bring new life to your space.


In short you don't have to do an expensive bath room renovation to change the look and feel of you bath room. Many times a few small changes can have an overwhelming affect. Take chances and be bold you only live once and to make an impact sometimes you need to break the box.  


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