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Small Bathtubs - The Answer to Small Bathroom Spaces

Small bathtubs are not only trendy but also convenient. Choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom can be a difficult task especially when space is an issue. You might find it difficult to fit a standard sized bathtub in your bathroom so you would have to turn to small bathtubs when choosing one. Just because the space of your bathroom is limited doesnít mean you canít enjoy soaking in a bathtub. A small bathtub can give you the same bathing pleasure and enjoyment.

A standard bathtub size is 5 feet or 60 inches long and 30 to 32 inches wide.  Small tubs com in sizes 4.5 feet or 54 inches long and 27 to 39 inches wide.  The smaller choice will definitely give you a little more space in a smaller bathroom.

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For a lot of people, they install bathtubs in their bathrooms for relaxation and soaking, especially after a grueling day at work. Way back in the past, the main function of a bathtub is for washing alone. Nowadays, a bathtub serves a lot of purposes. If you only want to wash up, you can hit the shower for that. However, if you want the luxury of a long bath, you can soak in a bathtub. That is why small bathtubs were created so people with small bathrooms can enjoy the same perks as those with bigger bathroom spaces.

One of the many types of small bathtubs is the soaking bathtub. Just like a standard sized bathtub, it affords you enough space to relax and the chance to relieve tired muscles. This kind of bathtub is ideal for people who live an active lifestyle during the day and would like to end it with a relaxing and long bath. Another kind of small bathtub is the walk-in bathtub. It has a door attached on its side and some of its models even feature built-in tub seats. You can relax and soak in it without having to submerge your whole body completely. It is also perfect for small bathrooms as it only requires a small space to fit in.

There is also the classic claw foot bathtub that comes in a small size. It is brimming with elegance and would fit any kind of bathroom style and design. It features a deeper space which allows you to soak in without worrying about cramps. You can also choose a Japanese inspired small bathtub. You will only need a small space to get it installed and it has a very deep interior that you donít have to lie down in order to immerse your whole body in the water. So even if this bathtub looks small on the outside it is still possible to soak in deep water.

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