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Stone Vessel Sinks -  Unique and Beautiful

Stone vessel sinks unleash the creativity of the designer or the homeowner tackling a bathroom remodeling project. It’s like being transported to the Old Ages. As stone is a natural material, each sink is a unique art work. These kinds of sinks come in various shapes, stone types, and sizes. Some sinks are square in shape while others are round. Some vessels have naturally rough edges and some sinks are made of polished, smooth stone. Some types include Honey Onyx and Back Galaxy.

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Stone vessel sinks come in just about every imaginable color and texture.  They can be used in every type of bathroom design and with just about any vanity cabinet.  The light stone sinks look especially nice with a dark colored vanity, where the dark colored sinks look especially nice with light colored wooden cabinets.

Stone Vessels come in almost every imaginable material.... granite, marble, travertine and onyx. The materials are easy to care for and easy to clean.

stone vessel sink

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