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Storage Cabinet For Bathroom Ideas

Learn about storage cabinets for bathroom ideas and what will work for your bath. Every bathroom needs enough storage space to hold towels, bathroom supplies, toilet paper, cosmetics and other everyday items. Some of the best storage cabinets have storage space under the sink with doors and also drawers to hold other items. These are called vanity cabinets.  Also, you will find some nice storage cabinets for your bathroom in our bathroom space savers section.

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There are many types of storage cabinets for a bathroom on the market today. One thing that is important to consider when considering a storage cabinet for bathroom is that you want your storage cabinets to match the rest of the bathroom’s décor. Also, find the proper cabinets to match your bathroom storage ideas.

One of the storage cabinets for a bathroom to choose from is wall storage. It usually has two doors and can come with or without towel hooks underneath. These cabinets are usually mounted over the toilet or on a wall where it will not get bumped. White and oak seem to be popular colors for these cabinets but you can also buy unfinished cabinets. These you can paint or stain to match the rest of your bathroom.

Another bathroom storage idea is the wall cubby. The wall chubby is like a wall cupboard except it doesn’t have doors. It just has boxy spaces to put items in. They also usually have a towel rod or towel hooks underneath. This bathroom shelf is usually used to display accessories such as seashells and other decorative items.

Yet another to consider is the storage cabinet. It is bigger than the wall cabinet and stands on the floor. It can stand alone against a wall or there are other types that fit over the toilet. These storage cabinets can hold more items and are usually all doors, or half doors and half-open cubbies.

These work well in a small bathroom that doesn’t have much storage room. These also usually come in white, oak or unfinished. There are cheaper versions in plastic, but they are not recommended. The plastic ones are not as sturdy and tend to break easily.

A different version of the storage bathroom cupboard is the towel tower or also called towel shelf. It is open with cubbies or has doors. It is more narrow than a regular storage cubby and is primarily built to just hold towels. This bathroom cabinet storage idea is ideal for guest or special occasion towel sets.

One of my favorite storage cabinets is more of a bathroom storage bench. It looks similar to a toy chest but taller, wider, and looks more grown up. It has a hinged door at the top to store dirty laundry or towels. You can also sit on this bench. Pets also love to lay on the top of these benches and wait while you're in the shower.

The last bathroom storage idea is the wall or medicine chest. These cabinets are the slim mirrored or plain front cabinet that you hang on the wall near your sink. These cabinets look much nicer nowadays than the old mirrored style that your relatives used to snoop through. They come in many colors and styles to fit any bathroom. Some of these even have hooks or shelves for curling irons.


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