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Walk In Tub - A great addition to a bathroom remodel project

A walk in tub may be just the ticket if you are indulging in a bathroom remodel project... especially a handicap bathroom remodel!

Advantages of a Walk In Tub
Walk in bathtubs offer a multitude of advantages...

  • A walk in door
  • Easy step up up
  • Built in grab rail
  • Seat for ease of use
  • Slip resistant floor
  • most offer jets
  • Most offer heater to keep the tub water warm

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A Walk in tub offers a person who may have thought that the days of private bathing were over.... a chance to relax in a nice warm tub of water once again. Sometimes that feeling of autonomy can make all the difference in the world to people who do not have the mobility that they used to!

A walk in tub installs in the same space that a normal bathtub installs in, so an easy transition can be made during a bathroom remodel. Walk in Tubs also come in stand-alone models to be installed in larger spaces. Walk in tubs also come in smaller sizes that can be installed in the space that a shower was originally installed.

When installing a walk in during a bathroom remodel, follow the standard bathtub replacement procedure.... remove the old bathtub, replace the plumbing and bathtub faucets, and install the new tub...

If you more comfortable with getting a professional to install your walk in tub, look into contractors in your local area.

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