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Western Bathroom Decor

Using western bathroom decor can turn your old boring bath room into a room you will not want to leave. The bath is most probably the most neglected part of the house when it comes to decorating. The furthest that many people would go to decorate their bathrooms is to choose a color theme, and after a while they also go against the color theme by buying mismatched accessories like soap dish, toothbrush holder, and trash can.

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This is a shame, because if you look at all the available styles and products available to spice up our bathrooms, you’d be amazed at all the ideas other people come up with to decorate a bath room.

The ideas don’t end with floral prints and seashell themes. Nowadays, bath room decorations aren’t limited to feminine tastes. There are themes to suit the male spectrum of the market, and one of them is the western theme.

Western bathroom decor comprises ornamental items and colors inspired by the western scenery, such as horses, rodeos, ranches, farms, and last but not the least, cowboys and cowgirls. Southwestern bath decor, meanwhile, include accessories and decorative items inspired by desert landscapes, Native American designs, cacti, and red rock canyons.

To add a western or southwestern touch to bath design, a focal point or focus is needed. This is the item that you build the theme around. For example, a shower curtain with a herd of horses running free in the fields is your focal point, so your color theme will come from the colors present in the shower curtain.

It will also be the basis for your other western inspired accessories, such as soap dish, trash can, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, towel rack, robe hook, and tissue holder. There are also wallpaper designs and bath lighting fixtures to go with your theme. For a southwestern look, you can make a cactus as your focus. Put it on top of the toilet tank and add some rocks as decorations. Use a rustic color scheme, or sunset hues.

If you like horses and western bathroom decor but don’t want your bath room to scream “horse,” you can tone it down by using decorative items that remind you of horses. You can hang a horseshoe and line your cabinets with leather, or cover them in wallpaper that looks like leather. You can look for a mirror that’s shaped like a horse’s head, and have a black and white theme going.

If you’d rather have a cowboy or rodeo theme, then it’s also easy to find sets of matching bathroom accessories. You can hang a coiled rope or a cowboy hat to set the feel of the rodeo, and use colors that are found in your bathroom accessories set.

If you have two or more bathrooms in your house, why not apply different themes on each? Base each theme on one of your hobbies or interests, or let the person who uses a specific bathroom the most choose. You’ll find the appropriate bathroom accessories and decorations to go with the chosen theme.

Browse online, or visit department stores and your local thrift shops to see all the great decorative products available for bathrooms. Your bathroom might just turn out to be one of your favorite parts of your house.

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