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White Bathroom Cabinet

white bathroom cabinet A white bathroom cabinet can bring a refreshing look to your bath and the color white can compliment most bath room styles and themes. Whether your bath room is already predominately white in color or you just want to add a splash of white, white bathroom cabinets will work for you.

White has been a standard color for bath cabinets for its ability to be both simple yet elegant. White cabinets for your bath come in many styles and sizes such as a white bathroom wall or vanity cabinet. Depending on your needs and the desired look of your bathroom you should easily be able to find the perfect cabinets for you at your local home improvement store or online.


Another way to get the many benefits is to paint your existing cabinets white. If you are generally pleased with your old cabinets and they are still structurally sound, then painting them will give them that refreshing new look again.

First, putty any holes and sand your old cabinets sanding in the direction of the wood grain. You may find it easier to remove the doors to do the renovation on your old cabinets. Once your old cabinets are sanded then all that is needed is to prime them and apply several coats of a quality white paint. If you removed the doors, then fasten them back to finish the job once the paint has dried. With this simple process you can turn your old dreary bathroom cabinet into a bright new looking white one.


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