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Wooden Bathroom Cabinets - Types and ways to restore

Classic wooden bathroom cabinets, apart from the essentials, would be a staple in the bathroom setting. However, there is never an assurance of long-lasting furniture quality, especially for those that are made of wood and are positioned in places of high humidity and moisture such as the bathroom. Aside from deterioration, there are nicks and scratches to be dealt with, too. Well, here's some good news for homeowners: buying new cabinets and shelves as replacements is not the one and only solution to worn-out wood bathroom cabinets. At a low cost, anyone can remodel and refurnish a bathroom, and create a fresher look for it.  Here we will explore some options for wooden bathroom cabinets as well as ways to restore existing wood cabinets.

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Before getting into the many ways of dealing with an almost worn-out or an out of style wooden cabinet, knowing the different kinds of wood is important. Of course, restoration methods depend greatly on the kind of wood that these methods are to be applied to.




dark wood bathroom cabinets


Firstly, there are wooden bathroom cabinets made of oak. This type of wood comes in a variety of colors, from a dirty white to yellowish or reddish shades to even pink. It is very grainy, and very durable. It is resistant to big amounts of shock and pressure, making it a choice wood variant for furniture.


oak bathroom cabinets


And then there is birch wood, which is strong in its own right. It is resistant to abrasion. Its grains are fine, and it comes in light colors such as dirty white or light yellow. Because of it being fine-grained, it displays a smooth surface, making it very suitable to coats, paints, and polishes.
Pine is another material used in making wood bathroom cabinets and furniture. It is less expensive; however, it is softer than a lot of other woods making it susceptible to damage such as easy dents and scratches.

Maple wood, on the other hand, is another kind of hardwood. Its grain patterns come with variations and its color is commonly red or brown with a few white exceptions. It is very strong. Proof of this is that maple is used for bowling alleys and other strong flooring needs. Maple furniture, therefore, exhibits the same strength and shock resistance.


maple bathroom cabinets


Among many other variants of wood, there is the Cherry wood which is one of the most preferred hardwoods for furniture. It has a very beautiful grain but its colors vary very widely from browns, to greens, to yellows and reds. It is the most expensive kind of wood. The kind which is less expensive, and which sort of comes at a degree of quality slightly lower than Cherry wood is Hickory which also comes at the same color range.


cherry bathroom cabinets


So, in restoring existing wood bathroom cabinets, a number of methods can be considered. The most common are the following:

1. Refinishing – Putting a newer coat of finish on the surface or simply enhancing the current finish can help achieve a better decorative look for the cabinets. This can be done through painting, re-staining, or glazing. This method is often done on all sorts of wood but has the best effects on naturally smooth kinds of wood such as the Cherry, Hickory and Birch woods. This method is the easiest and cheapest way to restore your bathroom cabinets.

2. Refacing – This is a lot more expensive than simple refinishing granting that there may be a need to replace cabinet parts such as drawers and doors. However, it remains to be a whole lot cheaper than replacing the entire cabinet. This method is not a good DIY and requires for a professional to intervene. For a natural look, make sure that the existing wood type matches that of the new parts.

3. Overall Decorating – It could be DIY or it could need a little professional assistance. Carving artistic details, changing knobs and handles, and adding decorative wooden panels are all part of creating a new look and theme. With this, it is important to consider the wood type and material.

In restoring wooden bathroom cabinets, anyone can find that buying new ones and spending big amounts should be the last option. With cheaper and easier methods, having a new bathroom look no longer requires new bathroom furniture and equipment!

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