17 ideas for bathroom tiles that are anything but boring

The American baths of the middle of the century were in love with motifs and colors. The 1940s saw suburbs filled with bubblegum pink bathroom floors, mint green countertops and even brightly coloured bathtubs, toilets and sinks. The bold bathroom trend lasted into the 1970s – and many older homes have avocado tiles to prove it.

Then, in the 1980s, we suddenly got sick with bathrooms that had something to say. Since then, we have covered our bathrooms in safe choices, such as beige, grey and white. A neutral bathroom is not bad at all. But these beautiful graphic treatments make us want to kiss the quiet baths goodbye.

A small space like a bathroom is a great place to try bold colors and finishes that may not work in larger areas. We’ve gathered 17 colorful tile ideas to show you how. Whether you want to plaster your bathroom with stripes and shadows or just make your beige a little less blah, these ideas will give you some inspiration to inflate the style of your space.

1. Cool Ombré

Arrange the geometric tiles in an ombré pattern to bring a modern edge to a room with industrial elements.

Image: Sabo Project

2. Bright watercolors

The cobalt blue motif on these tiles evokes the watercolor feel of Japanese shibori, painting the wall with a subtle texture.

Image: Clé Tile

3. Organic strips

Arrange the tiles not perfectly square in three or four complementary colors for an original motif that fits perfectly with the organic finishes.

Image: DedoDesign

4. Switched subway

It transforms the classic subway cards to their side by choosing them in dark green glass and arranging them lengthwise.

Image: UdA Architects

5. Luminous orchid

Give a simple bathroom a cheeky touch by tiling a half wall in a saturated color like vitrified orchid.

Image: the Kuotes

6. Unexpected sprays

Make a boring white bathroom exciting by laying the tiles in a herringbone pattern and adding a touch of color.

Image: Made by Hand

7. Geometric Trompe L’oeil

The triangular tiles arranged in the shape of a 3D cube trick the eye into seeing more depth and keep a half-tile wall monolithic.

Image: Suzy Hoodless

8. Curvy classic

Give a modern bathroom a touch of vintage softness with shell-shaped deco tiles. A vintage curvy mirror, applique and brass finishes complete the classic look.

Image: Emily Henderson

9. Moroccan spa

Floor-to-ceiling tiles combined with terracotta-colored stucco create a spa-like vibe that goes well with Turkish cotton towels and a relaxing bath.

Image: Genevieve Gorder

10. Subtle texture

You love a color, but aren’t you sure you can take care of a room full of it? Hold it to the shower enclosure, and lay a pixel pattern of small tiles in three or four shades of the same hue.

Image: Craig Steely

11. Boho Meets Deco

Combine square white tiles with a warm encaustic cement floor for a relaxing and vintage feel that still feels sophisticated.

Image: Ethics Studio

12. Blue and white

Give your bathroom the same classic feel of vintage porcelain with square minifigures in French blue and cream white.

Image: StudioMobile

13. Nouveau Classic

Combine paneled walls with chrome finishes and black and white floors in a circular star pattern for a look as fresh as it is versatile.

Image: Jessica Helgerson

14. Sophisticated softness

Boring boring with complementary colors and patterns like these mauve, coral and dark burgundy tiles.

Image: Made by Hand

15. Warm gold

Increase the temperature in a bathroom in black and white with the addition of warm metal fixtures and a glass mosaic floor in opalescent golden shades.

Image: Jessica Helgerson

16. Ocean vibes

Use large tiles with embossed textures with a pattern for a rich texture that is not overwhelming to the eye. For a particularly compact space, combine floors, showers and consoles of the same color and material.

Image: Made by Hand

17. Colored contrast

Combine two contrast patterns (such as stripes and triangles) with an accent color (like the blue sky) for an elegant space that opens up.

Image: Besto Architecture

Are you a fan of the trend of colored and graphic bathroom tiles? Or do you stick to neutrals for now? Let us know in the comments below!

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