Bathroom In Masonry: What You Need To Know Before You Realize It

Would you like to have a beautiful and characteristic masonry bathroom to beautifully embellish your home and amaze your guests? Then continue reading: the topic that we will discuss below will know will certainly be of interest to you!

You are thinking of customizing your home by building an elegant bathroom in masonry, but are you wondering if this choice can fit the style of your home? In this case you will now find an answer that will surely be to your liking: a bathroom in masonry is certainly perfect for environments characterized by a classic style and country, but know that now there are actually creations designed specifically for any type of home, thanks to solutions that are perfectly suited to fit even houses furnished with simple and essential lines, or decidedly young or particularly modern!

But what exactly does a masonry bathroom consist of? What steps must be taken to obtain it?

Masonry bathroom: what is it and how to orient yourself to achieve it?

The bathroom in masonry is built by creating structures obtained with the use of concrete, majolica, marble or stone, is also often used wood to insert shelves, doors and drawers, but first of all, to obtain a bathroom in masonry must start by preparing a project that shows in a very precise way all the exact measures relating to the spaces on which you have to make the work, and then proceed with the design and creation of the desired structure.

The experts of ‘DIY’ can probably be able to realize their bathroom in masonry with their own hands, using prefabricated and custom-made components available in the centers well equipped with materials for DIY: can be used plasterboard boards, siporex (aerated cellular concrete) and wood.

In fact, those who have a good manual ability in this kind of work, can certainly get good results, but it is undoubtedly obvious to emphasize that using the intervention of experienced professionals, can be guaranteed the perfect realization of a bathroom in masonry performed ‘to perfection’ (certainly essential intervention when it comes to the realization or modification of the plumbing system!): a company specializing in this type of work always knows how to provide the customer with its expertise, experience and skill, first suggesting and then giving proper shape to the solution best suited to every need! All this allows the company to offer the customer an impeccable final result in every respect!

How is a masonry bathroom made?

As many people already know, the characteristic of a masonry bathroom consists in the construction of the typical partition walls and masonry tops (usually completed with majolica tiles) that contain washbasins, shelves, etc., closed in the front with wooden doors.

We point out, however, that the surface (the top) can also be made of marble, granite or stone.

Even the shower can be obtained in masonry, and to take advantage of the light coming from the window you can create a wall of glass cement, while on some other occasions is chosen to create a small room-shower with a French window, thus obtaining a room also used as a small Turkish bath.

Here is a video that shows the phases of the realization of a masonry bath.

How to orient yourself with the colours of a masonry bathroom? 

 When the masonry bathroom is built in houses with a particularly modern style, it is usually preferable to cover the walls with decorations made with rather angular and geometric lines, perhaps combining contrasting colors, such as cream with dark brown or black or light pink with dark red or burgundy.

On the other hand, in sober or classic style houses, majolica tiles made in very soft solid colours are generally used, such as light blue and pastel green or beige: colours that, in addition to giving the room a feeling of greater breadth, can offer both refinement and luminosity.

However, it is superfluous to add that, as normally happens for other types of work, also with regard to the construction of a bathroom in masonry are obviously respected the lines, colors and decorations chosen by the customer according to his precise preferences.

How much does a masonry bathroom cost? The importance of an inspection

 Obviously, in order to establish the cost of a masonry bathroom, it is necessary to take into account important and varied elements, but first of all it is necessary to understand what kind of intervention must be carried out: in the event that it is necessary to make changes to the plumbing system, or if the latter must be completely realized or renewed, the total cost of the work is inevitably destined to rise compared to the interventions in which the water system is not to be rebuilt.

When you ask a company what is the amount to invest in a masonry bathroom, it is also necessary that it can know the size and characteristics of the area on which to work, but must also understand how created the same bathroom according to the needs of its customers. It is then necessary to choose the type and quality of materials to be used for coatings (majolica, marble, etc..), the type of sanitary ware to be installed and the type of fittings to be installed.

However, before having the various costs estimated, to know exactly the cost of the work (thus avoiding the risk of final surprises always unwelcome!), it is undoubtedly essential to have a careful inspection, which a serious company will always provide anyway to propose.

Finally, a suggestion is to contact more specialized companies through specialized web portals for free quotes such as You will thus get 3/4 contacts of companies in your area to get without obligation more quotes to compare, trying to possibly get a saving by opting for the most convenient proposal.

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