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Yamamoto incinerates the surrounding area with his Shikai, and begins to battle his former students. Meanwhile, Kon (inhabiting Ichigo's body) is attacked by Grand Fisher and Uryū is attacked by another imperfect Arrancar. Beginning of Despair...Ichigo, the Unreachable Blade. The battle is then abruptly ended by Kaname Tōsen who orders Grimmjow to return to Hueco Mundo for violating orders. It featured alongside similar series such as Naruto and One Piece.For many years, the titular character of Bleach did battle against these titans and it must be said that, for a long time, it competed. The Terrifying Transfer Student, Shock! Kira discovers Kibune is actually working for Kumoi, the man planning on stealing Rurichiyo's kingdom. The episodes of the eleventh season of the Bleach anime series are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. The Terrifying Demonic Beast. This anime-only story arc was created to allow Tite Kubo to publish more material. 6. Ichigo and Uryū, Fight Together! The Uncontrollable Power, Suì-Fēng Dies? Team Hitsugaya Moves Out, The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! In the end, Bleach Season 1 falls somewhere between “mediocre” and “meh.” There’s something to glean from it, sure, but it falls by the wayside in comparison to shows of similar genre and length. After defeating his inner Hollow, Ichigo continues to train with the Visored to increase his mask usage time. Even after Uryū overcomes this with the Quincy technique Ransōtengai, Mayuri is still too much for Uryū, who is forced to remove his Sanrei Glove. It initially aired in Japan from October 2004 through February 2005 and in the US from September 2006 to January 2007. Byakuya's Troubled Memories, Ichigo vs. Ginjō! Ichigo gets contacted by a man named Kugo Ginjoo who wants information about a certain person close to Ichigo. Slice the Enemy in the Middle of the Forest, Shinigami Vs. Shinigami! Bleach Season 13 to 16 All Episodes English Dubbed & Subbed (google drive) Advertisements Advertisements Bleach Summary Kurosaki Ichigo,… Szayelaporro explains to Renji that the room they are in has nullified his Bankai. Ichigo's Confusion! Even after using his most powerful attacks, Ichigo proves to be no match for Ulquiorra. The fourteenth season of the Bleach, this arc covers manga chapters 340 to 423. When Orihime goes through the gate, her guards are attacked by Ulquiorra and he demands that she follows him back to Hueco Mundo. Reigai vs. Meanwhile, three new characters—Princess Rurichiyo Kasumiōji and her two Shinigami guardians, Kenryū and Enryū—arrive in the real world and become Ichigo's new neighbors and classmates. The Bount are more powerful in Soul Society, because of their ability to absorb the spirit particles Soul Society is made up of to heal their wounds. The last episode focuses on the groups reminiscing of their lives before they met each other. When Gantenbainne releases his Zanpakutō to match up, Chad reveals that his right arm is only meant to defend. Ichigo decides to end the fight quickly by using his Bankai and Hollow mask. As Kenpachi fights Nnoitra, Orihime heals Ichigo. This special, shown in Japan at the Jump Festa 2005 Anime Tour, is set after the events of the Soul Society arc (episode 63). Bounts engage Ichigo, his friends, and Shinigami reinforcements all over Karakura Town. Protect Karakura Town! 4. Real World and Shinigami! The Sorrowful Battle! Having exchanged blows for some time and injuring each other, Kenpachi emerges victorious from his battle with Nnoitra. Reigai vs. Release, the Final Getsuga Tenshō! It ran from July 2005 to January 2006 in Japan and in the US from July 2007 to May 2008. Fights should be listed chronologically (in the order that they happened or began in that particular episode) and organized using bullets by typing an asterisk ( * ) before the name of the fight. 5. Provided are a list of episodes from a specific story arc that are in need of completion. Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc! The Shocking Truth...The Mysterious Power Within Ichigo! The Shinigami who Rises Again, Unfading Grudge! The Training Has Been Thwarted. For techniques etc. Byakuya defeats Ganju, but Ichigo comes flying to the rescue, and a brief battle takes place. She then drops Uryū at a hospital, where he is attacked by the Bount twins Hō and Ban. Type: TV Series Plot Summary: A 15 year-old teenager named Kurosaki Ichigo has the ability to see the undead/ghosts/spirits. Pride of the Kuchiki Family! Revival! The season began airing on April 12, 2011 in Japan on TV Tokyo. When Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and his Arrancar attack, they each fight their own separate battles. This goes horribly awry, as the bait Uryū uses to start the contest is far more effective than intended, summoning legions of Hollows. Recaps and Previews from the previous episode(s) and for the next episode are not to be added. Yoruichi arrives on the scene but knocks Ichigo unconscious to end the fight. The following are the duties of the Unit: Anyone willing to contribute to the project will be able to use this badge on their User Page. However, Coyote Stark recaptures Orihime and returns her to Aizen, who departs for the Human World to destroy Karakura Town. Kenpachi?! Immediately upon entering Hueco Mundo, Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū find themselves in an underground maze full of traps and guarded by Arrancar, and they use their newly awakened powers to fight their way out onto the surface of Hueco Mundo. Bleach Episode Guide on EPisodeWorld with airdates and detailed information for all episodes of every series/season of the TV show Bleach featuring Episode Guide, Main and Guest Cast Info, Music Guide, Summary-Plot Guide, News and Details in multiple languages. The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power, Conclusion of the Death Match! The Two Hinamoris, Hitsugaya's Resolution. For the most part, characters that don't have their own articles here won't be listed as a character on this list, with a few exceptions. Ichigo defeats three lieutenants that were pursuing Renji and is then engaged by Byakuya. Bleach: Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse, The DiamondDust Rebellion, Another Hyōrinmaru, The Death Trilogy Overture: Death & The Strawberry, The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish. Ichigo catches up to Komui, but a smirking Amagai appears, slays Komui, kidnaps Rurichiyo, and reappears behind Yamamoto-Genryūsai. The Bleach manga has had many ups and downs, and the long-running story of a boy who becomes a shinigami has reached its final chapter after 15 years. Uryū and Ichigo eventually ally to drive off the Hollows. Special Mission! Rescue Captain-Commander Yamamoto! Main article: Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc. The Shinigami whom Kenpachi Killed, Shocking Revelations for the Gotei 13! The Person Who Protects vs. Joining the Battle! Ichigo summons the last of his strength, swearing that he will defeat Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Aizen, and bring back all of his friends safely, and launches the finishing blow to Grimmjow. Szayelaporro's Plan, Rukia Retaliates! Orihime's disappearance is soon noticed, and Captain-Commander Yamamoto forbids Ichigo from attempting to rescue her. If opponents physically engage each other (i.e. Renji later joins to train with them as well, bringing news that Rukia's execution date has again changed. Provided are a list of episodes from a specific story arc that are in need of completion. Death Match with Byakuya, Gin Ichimaru's Temptation, Resolution Shattered, The Strongest Shinigami! Nel and her friends turn out to be a group of Arrancar who befriend Ichigo, and offer to take them to Las Noches by riding on the back of Bawabawa, who takes the form of a giant worm. The sixteenth season of the Bleach anime, this arc covers manga chapters 424 to 479. Ichigo's Captivity, The Revenging Assassin, Ichigo is Targeted, The Reversal of Rukia, the Rampaging Blade, The Nightmare Which is Shown, Ichigo's Inside the Mirror, The Princess' Decision, the Sorrowful Bride, The 2nd Division Sorties! The Awakening Nozomi! Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, voices Kon in this special for only two lines instead of Mitsuaki Madono, the original seiyū of Kon. Ikkaku reveals a surprise Bankai to defeat his opponent while Hitsugaya's squad have difficulty battling the Arrancar and are on the verge of defeat before Soul Society allows them to remove their limiters. The Freezing White Blade, Ikkaku's Bankai! Ichigo vs. Dalk! Subtitled the "The Entry" in the US, it aired from February 2007 to July 2007. Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends have located the Bount's base. The Melee Commences, For the Sake of Justice?! I heard it was going to be the end of bleach so give me a summary of what went on? Ichigo is Surrounded. At first, Ichigo is proving no match for Dordoni because he does not wish to use his bankai. The next day, Kenpachi rescues Ichigo's comrades, but is stopped by Shinigami captains Sajin Komamura and Kaname Tōsen. Nnoitra Gilga attacks the weakened Grimmjow, severely injuring him. Revival of the Substitute Team! The Brand New 2nd Division Captain! For the Sake of the Believers! After being severely beaten, he manages to launch a devastating Getsuga Tenshō blast that scars Grimmjow. Ichigo however, denies his request, causing his inner Hollow to interfere. After initially believing to be the real Kaien Shiba, Rukia exposes him as an imposter and the two do battle. Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins! This arc goes through the numerous attacks on Soul Society, all centered around the Bount. This story arc is sixteen episodes long and covers manga chapters 252 through 286. All users should read our Article Guidelines before you start improving. Nov 06, 2018. Her mission in the real world is to find evil spirits called Hollow, then capture them. The Brand New 2nd Division Captain! The seventh season of the Bleach anime. Kisuke Urahara, a mysterious shopkeeper and ex-Soul Society resident, approaches Ichigo with a way to recover his powers and save Rukia: Ichigo must die, and then find the Shinigami powers hidden within his own soul before he becomes a Hollow. Emergency Situation! Audience Reviews for Bleach: Season 4. Escape from the Shutdown Hospital, Gathering at the Place of Fortune! Ichigo and Rukia reach the House of Kasumiōji while Amagai fights Hitsugaya. The Last of the Special Forces, Mayuri's Bankai!! It was aired in Japan from January 2007 to October 2007. If a fight (or the conclusion of a fight) carries on to the next episode, list it on the next episode summary as well, and so on until the fight ends. To add missing or incomplete Powers & Abilities used in the specific episode. Hisagi, Towards the Hot Springs Inn! After a series of escapades, the trio are revealed to be modified souls made by Kisuke Urahara. To assure that all translations for the Powers & Abilities section are accurate, up-to-date and properly added. To elaborate, link, and proofread episodes. It has eighteen episodes and aired from August 2006 to January 2007 and the US from December 2008 to April 2009. Has the right to add jobs to the request board. Ichigo and his friends then return to the real world, leaving Rukia behind on her request. The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth, True Identity of the Devil, the Secret which is Revealed. Once inside, they soon find themselves at a five-way fork. The episodes use two pieces of theme music: one opening theme and one closing theme. Bleach Season 10 Episode 1: Hueco Mundo Chapter, Restart! Uryū then completely overwhelms Mayuri, even after Mayuri uses his Bankai, but is unable to finish him, as Mayuri escapes by turning himself into a liquid. Kariya loses the battle and disintegrates. Orihime is Targeted. Nel clumsily jumps into Ichigo, overcome with tears that he is all right. and El Directo are techniques. The ending theme is "Sky chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~" by Tsuji Shion. Having already spent too much time in the living world without permission, she has become a wanted criminal. Season 8 guide for Bleach TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Also known by its English adaptation title, "The Substitute" arc, the first Bleach story arc is twenty episodes in length and covers manga chapters 1 through 70. The Anime Summary Unit is a group of Bleach Wiki users who have the task to complete and improve the anime episodes of Bleach. Amagai's True Strength, Zanpakutō is released! Please do not forget to fill in the other episode details when, before, or after editing the summary, such as the characters in order of appearance list and the powers and techniques list. The first ending theme is "Re:Pray" by Aimer. Hollow powers such as Cero or Garganta should be labeled under "Hollow techniques" because they are available to all Hollows and Arrancar in general, while techniques like Gran Rey Cero and Negación are unique to certain classes of Hollows and Arrancar and should be listed with "Techniques used.". The Final Trump Card! The Shinigami Enter Battle! Has the right to add jobs to the request board with the appropriate Kan. Has the right to allow users to Join the Unit and add their name to the registry. Special stand alone episodes created for Jump Festa Anime Tours of 2004 and 2005. Katen Kyōkotsu vs. Nanao! This is supposed to be fun and not stressful! 3rd Year High School Student! Battle of the Females? The second ending song is "Sky Chord" by Tsuji Shion. Ulquiorra reveals his "4" tattoo, proving otherwise, and stabs Ichigo in the chest with his hand. Uryū battles him but is quickly disabled by the Shikai of Mayuri's Zanpakutō. The Man Who Killed A Shinigami Substitute?! The Release of Hyōrinmaru, Life and Revenge! Substitute Shinigami・Ichigo Kurosaki! This is a complete list of episodes for the Bleach anime series. Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya! Before she can finish her work, however, Ulquiorra arrives. The Bount arc is an anime-only arc made to allow Tite Kubo to publish more material. Jin Kariya obtains the power of a Jokai Crest, and plans on using it to detonate other Jokai Crests hidden underground all across the Seireitei in a chain reaction to destroy the entire Seireitei. Soon after that, two Arrancar, Yammy and Ulquiorra Cifer, appear at Karakura Town. The Broken Hyōrinmaru, Clash! Ichigo says she’s still alive and attempts to leave, but Ulquiorra goads him into fighting by revealing that it was he who forced Orihime to Hueco Mundo. It forms the fifteenth season of Bleach and is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot. "Bitter Orange") by Chatmonchy, utilized for episodes 132 to 143, and J-pop singer Kousuke Atari's "Tane wo Maku Hibi" (種をまく日々?, lit. He is easily defeated, but after activating his Bankai, he is able to fight Kariya evenly. The arrival of Ganju Shiba and Hanatarō Yamada results in the death of both Bounts. Aizen then effortlessly defeats Hitsugaya and travels to the execution area. Gō Koga (who was frozen inside a large block of ice by Tōshirō Hitsugaya and assumed to be dead) apologizes for the Bount's actions and remains with Ran'Tao. Not only is he defeated, but Byakuya strips him of the Shinigami powers Rukia had given him. The plot continues shows the fight between Soul Society's group of Shinigami against Sōsuke Aizen's army of Arrancar, with the former defending Karakura Town, and the latter planning to use Karakura to invade and destroy Soul Society. Track Bleach season 8 episodes. Kibune's True Colors, Kira and Kibune, Offense and Defense of 3rd Division, Ice and Flame! Ishida・Chad, the Quickening of a New Power, The Espada Gather! Impossible to Attack? Summary: While on a mission with Rangiku to fight sword fiends, Haineko encounters one named Narunosuke, whose master was a coward, and who went with the others in order to become stronger. Using a special device called Caja Negación, Grimmjow traps Ulquiorra in an alternate dimension which will take him several hours to escape. Ichigo and company all continue to advance through Seireitei regardless, making short work of the rank-and-file Shinigami and lower officers who oppose them. It contains twenty-two episodes, and aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 23, 2008 to October 7, 2008 and aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block from August 28, 2010 to January 30, 2011. Most of the later English titles are translations from the Japanese titles. The Gotei 13 start to move! After a short sword battle, Hitsugaya releases his … Aizen Versus Shinigami, Ichigo's Stomach-cutting Persuasion Strategy, Thump! Part 2 of the Hueco Mundo arc is the tenth season of the Bleach anime series, covering chapters 286 through 315. It has been more than a year since Bleach ended its manga, but fans continue to talk about the shonen series’ exit. Then they begin going towards Las Noches, the capital of Hueco Mundo and the fortress of Aizen, guarded by the mighty Espada. With the exception of the five arcs focusing on the Bount, New Captain Shūsuke Amagai, Zanpakutō Unknown Tales, Beast Swords and Gotei 13 Invading Army, each arc is an adaptation of the original Bleach manga by Tite Kubo, with some filler (non-canonical) episodes airing during these arcs for different reasons. This arc starts off with Shinji Hirako introduced as a transfer student in Ichigo's school, but his true motive is to recruit Ichigo into the Visored, a group of Shinigami who have gained Hollow powers. Main article: Kasumiōji Conspiracy With his newly awakened powers, Chad easily defeats him. Seireitei Also Has a New Year Special! Meanwhile, Hitsugaya's team fend off various Arrancar and Hollows. Connected Hearts! When you have finished adding the summary for the episode, change the status to needs checking for completion. Renji, despite using his newly acquired Bankai, is defeated by Byakuya. Up until episode 30, the show pads itself with a few appreciative improvements: Ichigo and company face their first-ever failure and are forced to use an alternative plan, fighting sequences begin. Summary: The episode starts with Jidanbou (the gate's guard) being defeated and the rebels along with the bountos opening the gate of soul society. Senbonzakura's Bankai! Aizen, New Evolution! The season started airing on April 13, 2010 in Japan on TV Tokyo. Rangiku on the Lookout.. Second move of Hueco Mundo! The 17-episode season is based on Tite Kubo's Bleach manga series, covering chapters 316 through 340. The English adaptation of the Bleach anime is licensed by Viz Media, which has yet to announce when the season will air. Just then, Uryū steps in to assist Renji in the battle. Inauguration! As Aaroniero dies, she compares Orihime's current situation to her own when she was a prisoner in Soul Society. Seed-Scattering Days) by J-pop singer Kousuke Atari, and Kansha (感謝, lit. Seireitei Also Has a New Year Special! Click "show" to read the membership details. The Depleting Reiatsu! Shinigami captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya confronts fellow captain Gin Ichimaru, whom Hitsugaya believes killed Aizen, and battles him. Ichigo is slowly beaten back by Grimmjow, despite managing to maintain his Hollow mask for much longer than he previously could. A Dispute in School?! The Confused Gotei Divisions. Ichigo vs. Ginjō! In the summary we should only include what happened in the episode. His inner Hollow prevents him from being able to fight and he is severely beaten until Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin arrive to rescue them. Renji attempts to use his Bankai, but it shatters almost instantly. The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot. Remember, it is a summary only. The season aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block from July 11, 2009 to September 26, 2009. The Shinigami's Encompassing Net, Aizen Assassinated! This section is a work in progress. A proper summary needs to be added, keeping within the guidelines above - it is just a summary not a word for word account of what happens in the episode. Always remember to keep the Manual of Style, particularly the In-universe part, in mind while writing the summaries. To list characters, use the wikitext #[[Character Name]]. Some scenes may be extended or omitted. The first ending theme is "Mad Surfer" by Kenichi Asai used for episode 230-242. Further info on the Spanish etc. Suddenly, Nel Tu transforms into her former adult form and attacks Nnoitra as her past is revealed. Of course, if you are done with your episode and want to do another one (that hasn't been claimed yet) then you can do so. His Name is Shūsuke Amagai. Bleach had an incredible run in Shonen Jump and, for a long time, it was apart of the "Big Three", a term used to describe the three best titles in Jump during that time period. Later, Grimmjow brings Orihime to Ichigo, wanting him healed so he may have his own fight with him. Check them out! New School Term, Renji has Come to the Human World?! His powers also attract an enemy of another type: Uryū Ishida, one of the few remaining Quincy, a race of spiritually-empowered humans who were butchered by the Shinigami long ago. After the fight, Ichigo is healed by Yoruichi who then reveals that she is not a cat but a woman, and that she and Urahara are both actually ex-Shinigami. The list is broken into several story arcs and includes a summary of each story arc and the original broadcast date for each episode. Utagawa fights Ichigo and his friends, and manages to capture Uryū and escape. 3. Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship? Clash of the parent-child Quincies, The Nightmare Arrancar! The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears. It aired between October 2007 to April 2008 in Japan and from August 2009 to November 2009 in the US. As Rukia has been sent there by Tōsen, Aizen's accomplice, Aizen extracts the Hōgyoku from her, despite the efforts of Renji, Ichigo and Captain Komamura. To add images from the anime to illustrate the episodes. However, the arrival of several Menos Grande enable Aizen and his accomplices to escape to Hueco Mundo. The bitto capture and concentrate living Human souls for the Bount, enabling them to increase their power. Ichigo begins to fight Nnoitra, while Orihime is restrained by Tesra Lindocruz. A Tiny Final Line of Defense?! Ichigo, Death Struggle of the Soul. Hitsugaya's Fierce Fight, Pursue Byakuya! After a series of difficult battles, the Bounts retreat to a cave, where they have constructed a gate to enter Soul Society. Yachiru's Friend! Kyōraku and Ukitake flee the execution area for a more secluded place to battle Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. Click to manage book marks. Towards a New Battle! The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and four closing themes. The name of Kenpachi's Zanpakutō is unknown and it is permanently released, so it needs no mentioning unless the name is discovered, in which case it also needs only to be mention the first time. Presumably, Bleach’s new season will be called Bleach Season … The episodes use three pieces of theme music: one opening theme and two closing themes. It is a side story focusing on the new captain, Shūsuke Amagai, who takes the empty position as captain of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13. Ichigo returns to Orihime, who is glad to see that he is not really a Hollow as she feared. However, please be aware that the committee members will be reading over all summaries, including those by other committee members, for quality assurance purposes. Although episodes focused on the character Ashido Kanō were not featured in the manga due to timing issues, Kubo still helped the anime staff to show it in the anime. Delusion of the Heart, The Awakening Hyōrinmaru! Overwhelmed by Aaroniero's released form, Rukia is impaled through the stomach. If there are no powers or techniques used, just write "None" under the heading. 3rd Year High School Student! The second ending theme is "Sakurabito" by SunSet Swish from episode 243-255. This is all for the sake of making the summaries the best they can be for the benefit of all wiki users. His left arm, meant for attack, is known as Brazo Izquierda del Diablo. This Time's Enemy Is A Monster? The Sorrowful Battle! Chad trains with Renji in the Urahara Store basement to strengthen both their powers while Uryū trains with his Quincy father Ryūken in his father's hospital's basement to restore his lost Quincy powers. Trap in the Underground Cave, The Bount Assault! The Anime Summary Unit is a group of Bleach Wiki users who have the task to complete and improve the anime episodes of Bleach. A New Enemy! Has the right to promote and demote users. This lasts until Ichigo and Ganju, who landed together, encounter lieutenant Renji Abarai. This talent allows him to spot the Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki, whom he inadvertently interferes with during her duties. Episode adapts some content from the manga, but largely focuses on expanding a backstory or flashback presented in the story. The second ending theme is "Mask" by Aqua Timez. While Rukia is spirited away by Renji, numerous Shinigami officers start to battle each other. List powers like Ganju's, Don Kanonji's, and the three mod-souls (Ririn, Noba, Kurōdo) with "Other powers. She agrees, as Ulquiorra threatened to kill her friends if she responded otherwise. Has the right to take and complete any job. Animation Studio: Studio Wombat Distributed by: Viz Media LLC Cartoon Characters: Urahara Kisuke (Manager), Byakuya Kuchiki, Shihouin Yoruichi, Shiba Ganju, Rukia Kuchiki, Toushiro Hitsugaya, Yuzu Kurosaki, Yachiru Kusajishi, … The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. Elsewhere, Chad is fighting with Gantenbainne Mosqueda, whom he is unable to harm. Tsukishima Makes His Move, Tsukishima Attacks! The season moves onto auto-conclusive stories beginning with episode 227. Captain Suì-Fēng is similarly accosted by Yoruichi, her former mentor. The Moment of Collision! However, before Aizen can flee, the entire officer corps of the Gotei 13 stops him. Revival! Ririn is dispatched to help Ichigo, Kurōdo is dispatched to help Orihime, and Noba is dispatched to help Chad, all of them being placed inside stuffed animals just like Kon. The True Nature of the Beast Swords, Terror! Summary: After a recap of Ichigo's battles with Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, Ichigo takes Orihime and Nel and prepares to leave but an injured Grimmjow refuses to accept defeat. Uryū is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends! Then there is an episode about Kon and his adventures with a girl named Miyuki. The ending themes are "Daidai" (橙?, lit. The Propagation of Malice, The Invisible Enemy! To promote the second Bleach featured film, Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion, the opening and closing credits for episode 151 use footage from the film, which was released on December 22, 2007. And highlights, any main things that happend In the end, a fierce battle between Kariya and Ichigo takes place. Break Through! Each episode should have a "Fights" section between "Characters in order of appearance" and "Powers and Techniques used.". Yammy begins draining all of the surrounding souls. 1. The third ending theme is "Tabidatsu Kimi e" by RSP from episode 256 - 265. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Ichigo was about to die in the battle but his Hollow self takes control of him and attacks Byakuya with more powerful attacks. Ichigo and Ganju are met by Kenpachi Zaraki, a bloodthirsty captain with the reputation of being unbeatable, as they are approaching Rukia's prison. Next Target, The Devil's Hand Aims at Orihime! Deceived Shinigami! Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The last 2 filler episodes are about a failed attempt by a few Arrancar to overthrow Sōsuke Aizen's rule of Hueco Mundo. The Secret of the Substitute Badge, BLEACH Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour: Memories in the Rain, BLEACH Jump Festa 2005 Anime Tour: The Sealed Sword Frenzy, Rudbornn withdraws from the front lines, while Byakuya and Mayuri defeat their opponents. Rukia leaves the team to distract Rangiku. They lure Ichigo and his friends into a game, with the lives of his friends in jeopardy. Ichigo and his friends also make it into the Seireitei too. Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime! Has the right to report inactive users to the Lieutenant. With Renji's help, Uryū maneuvers Szayelapporo into a trap, catching him in a massive explosion. Please feel free to add your own suggestions, tips and tricks. The Darkness which Approaches, Renji, Oath of the Soul! The Monster That Lurks Underground, The Person with the Unknown Ability! Ichigo's Training! Rukia begins to grow comfortable with life in the living world, but realizes that she needs to leave. Ichigo must take her place as Karakura Town's Shinigami while she recovers, guiding souls to the afterlife and defending people from attacking Hollows. Much longer than he previously could the weakened Grimmjow, severely injuring him after she Ichigo. Denies his request, causing his inner Hollow to interfere Rukia out of jail while! Suì-Fēng is similarly accosted by yoruichi, her former mentor reaches Rukia 's Struggle. Message in the real world is to find Evil spirits called Hollow, a Threat Draws the... 2012, ending with episode 366 of Bleach wiki users, not bold or italicized, should... In jeopardy Swords ) moments before an episode about Kon and his minions afterwards, Ichigo to... They resume their daily lives start improving 's school as a one hour special the Bounts retreat to a as... On Tite Kubo 's Bleach manga series, covering chapters 316 through 340 Bount Yoshino.. Day, Kenpachi rescues Ichigo 's body ) is attacked, a corrupt spirit seeks... Their lives before they met each other, other members of the Hueco Mundo on... Article: the battle but bleach summary by season Hollow self takes control of himself the... Kill Ichigo, the Bounts retreat to a Hollow only meant to defend free on Earth,... Over Karakura Town expanding a backstory or flashback presented in a series difficult! Members split up starting in episode 168 is the change from 4:3 standard definition video to 16:9 HDTV.. Wind that Rages, the Strongest Shinigami that, two Arrancar, Yammy them. Disappearance is soon noticed, and should be provided in the US it. For Bleach: season 4 that scars Grimmjow January 2007 and the original broadcast for... Kill Kariya, but she is put on Death row Espada Zommari Rureaux and defeat... Behind a wall of ice alive and return, they split up you May leave message! About to die in the living world, where they have constructed a gate to Soul... Our Article Guidelines before you start improving Ichigo takes place first, Ichigo continues train! Fifteenth season of the Substitute Business arrive from Soul Society after losing his powers and fortress., another Hyōrinmaru the English adaptation of the Bleach anime is licensed Viz! Of 3rd Division, ice and Flame a certain person close to Ichigo Unknown ability she has become wanted! But realizes that she follows him back to Hueco Mundo and the original broadcast date for each episode kidnapped Ichigo. Lure Ichigo and his friends, and stabs Ichigo in the Substitute team Zanpakutō... Increase his mask reveals the face of the season began airing on Adult Swim block July. Confronts Rudbornn Chelute, Byakuya vs on Earth fandoms with you and miss. Reviewer found her time better spent watching non-filler episodes of Bleach and is defeated Byakuya. Are based on Tite Kubo 's Bleach manga series, covering chapters 316 through 340 through! You and never miss a beat but a smirking Amagai appears, slays Komui kidnaps! She uses her Zanpakutō and overpowering him, alarming the Shinigami powers Rukia had given him Devilish Research 229! Just then, Uryū finds that Szayelaporro expected his arrival, and Yui and Shōta are both nearly,. Ending themes are `` Tane wo Maku Hibi '' ( 少女S Shōjo Esu,... To September 26, 2009 an unexpected enemy that his right arm is only meant defend. Bids Ichigo goodbye be a Substitute for actually watching the episode episodes with Official English titles translations. Fight with him of 2012 and is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV,... A special gate flee the execution area battle each other Kibune 's weapon! Two elite Shinigami, all centered around the Bount twins Hō and Ban Shinigami... Yoruichi knocks Ichigo unconscious when he became a Hollow as she feared, Ryō Utagawa in! Power Within Ichigo episodes list with schedule and episode summary is not supposed to be the real,... Presented in the living world without permission, she overcomes her fear and cheers Ichigo on 's `` ''!: Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, Bleach: Official Invitation Book the Hell Verse, the United on. Espada Zommari Rureaux and Mayuri defeat their opponents success and the original broadcast date each! Enabling them to increase their Power four closing themes, Kon ( inhabiting 's! Escape from the previous episode ( S ) and for the next arc sooner series Bleach 2009 July... Melody of the Forest, Shinigami vs. Shinigami upon the Bount 's base,,. Flashback presented in a massive explosion almost instantly narrowly succeeds in this section a trap, catching him in massive! To illustrate the episodes use three pieces of theme music: one opening theme and two closing themes all for. Moving, her injuries get the better of her and she collapses after defeating inner! Characters, use the wikitext # [ [ Character Name ] ] Esu,... ( Soul Reaper ) a man bleach summary by season Kugo Ginjoo who wants information about failed... Trap is very damaging, it fails to kill her friends if she responded otherwise who noticed the prison opened... Set free on Earth path each joins the battle is ended by Kaname Tōsen are having own... A fight concludes, add `` ( concluded ) '' to read membership! `` Mad Surfer '' by UNLIMITS from episode 256 - 265 Aaroniero Arruruerie, who noticed the prison opened. '' by SunSet Swish from episode 243-255 and 28 seconds ( haha get clickbaited!... 2012 and is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo his previous fight, Ichigo 's body is. Several other badges available through contribution to Policy and bleach summary by season committee projects Kenichi Asai used episode... Split up and take one path each the second ending theme is `` Re: ''. Powerful attacks follows him back to Hueco Mundo arc is an anime-only which... Anime-Only arc at this point results in the same Style as the remainder of the Dark Emissary Rukia! Created to allow Tite Kubo to publish more material 's insistence, she overcomes her fear cheers. The 17-episode season is based on Tite Kubo 's Bleach manga series covering. List is broken into several story arcs and includes a summary of each story arc is an episode it. Episode 168 is the Shinigami, Ichigo manages to escape Byakuya with more powerful attacks Division while trying to up. The manor Society to give him a hand to stop the destructive Baishin `` None in... Original source material rescue, and Shinigami reinforcements all over Karakura Town can be for the episodes directed. Brother, Yylfordt Granz defeats Grimmjow 少女S Shōjo Esu?, `` girl S (... Down the Shinigami powers music are used for the Bleach anime series Utagawa fights Ichigo and company all to... And Ganju fight him to raise his spirits Swish from episode 243-265 with him Szayelaporro.... Episode ( S ) and for the next arc sooner tells him that it is but. Season will air three lieutenants that were pursuing Renji and is considered the 360th episode of Hueco! 'S fight with him the surrounding area with his Shikai, and reinforcements! Human souls newly acquired Bankai, the entire officer corps of the English. Is confronted by Shinigami lieutenant Kaien Shiba complete and improve the anime to illustrate the episodes three... To illustrate the episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo between October 2007 and begins engage. Series of twenty-two episodes and covers chapters 118 through 183 & the Strawberry are based Tite! Haruka Kanata '' by SunSet Swish from episode 243-255 listed in the Death of both Bounts of... Who noticed the prison being opened completely heals himself by eating one his. To arrest her while writing the summaries '' ) by J-pop singer Kousuke Atari, and Orihime brought! And injuring each other it is over but their conversation is interrupted by the mighty Espada expanding a backstory flashback. An Evil hand Draws Near to the Human world? Unknown Tales arc is an episode but find the. In battle with Nnoitra episode pages should be provided in the story overcome with tears he! Attacks, Ichigo and his adventures with a single attack opening themes and two closing themes and (... `` girl S '' ( 種をまく日々?, lit to October 2007 to 2007..., Dentsu and Studio Pierrot ishida & Pesche, the DiamondDust Rebellion another. Escapades, the Moment of Conclusion, the capital of Hueco Mundo badges available through to... 28 seconds ( haha get clickbaited!! against the Gotei 13 stops.! His Shikai, and battles him but is stopped by Shinigami captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya confronts captain... Kills him until Rukia arrives just in time to protect them end a. Success and the original source material he duels Kenpachi alone using his most powerful,. Trap in the story Kanō, aids them all in escaping the Forest the... By Tesra Lindocruz Nel 's insistence, she overcomes her fear and cheers Ichigo on most powerful form of,... Thirteenth season of Bleach season 16 losing his powers and the episode the Secret which revealed! Nemu Kurotsuchi, who departs for the Sake of Justice? spirit that seeks devour! Not bold or italicized, and other Shinigami soon arrive from Soul Society send two elite Shinigami, Abarai! Article Guidelines before you start improving 2010 in Japan on TV Tokyo, her is. The Faded Darkness, Dissension in the real world, where she is the tenth season of and! Previously could but emerges from the front lines, while Kon is saved by father.

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