How Much Does It Cost To Take A Bath Again?

Re-bathing is not very expensive and if entrusted to specialists on average you spend around 2/3 thousand euros for a standard bathroom without too many fine finishes such as whirlpools or shower cabins particularly well cared for.

Removing old coverings, tiles, sanitary fixtures, water and electricity systems is certainly not a job that can be done in a day.

Is it possible to renovate the do-it-yourself bathroom? Theoretically it is possible since replacing tiles and sanitary ware is part of routine maintenance, so it is not necessary to have special permits from the municipality, in any case it is better to inquire in order to avoid problems with neighbors mainly due to noise during the removal of tiles.

You have to calculate that taking a DIY bath is a very long operation compared to what professionals would do, you have to learn several things and have time to solve unforeseen events.

Costs for floor and wall tiles

They can be very varied, starting from 5 euros per square meter up to and even over 30 euros depends very much on your taste, on average the tiles affect little on the final cost since the bathrooms are small rooms compared to the rest of the house.

Costs for sanitaryware

Here too there are many choices can cost from 30/40 euros for models made in china up and over 500 euros for models of value, according to your taste you will choose the design that suits you best.

Wash Basin and furniture

They can cost even over 1000 euros, but there are for all budgets from 200 euros about the simplest models even less, this depends very much on your preferences, a tour of all the centers DIY will definitely clarify your ideas, turning more shops you will surely find great deals.

Disposal of special waste

To dispose of the old tiles / sanitation you need to find an approved center, this service is usually free, is provided by each collection center in each municipality, also there is always someone who needs rubble to build if you notice a construction site in your vicinity you can try to inform you if they need material to fill.

Doing a bathroom DIY is cheap, if you choose a cheap solution may be enough even less than 1000 euros, however the help of a plumber is usually recommended at least for the professional installation of sanitary fixtures, taps, drains and any changes to the water system, a professional could assemble everything in less than a day once everything else is prepared.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

We try to develop a specification of the works for the complete renovation of a bathroom of average size of approx. 6 square meters.

Preparation of a “building site”:

At this stage, the company assesses the logistics of the movement of the material (location plan, installation of any winch), the protection of existing objects not to be damaged including the common parts of the condominium.

The indicative cost for this item is about € 500.00 (per unit).


The cost of demolition is usually calculated in cubic meters. but usually in the bathrooms is evaluated on a body and specifically refers to: flooring, coatings, removal of sanitary fixtures and fittings, subfloor, piping systems, various accessories.

Demolition includes the transport and disposal of all resulting material brought to the authorized landfills.

The approximate cost for this item is about euro 200/250 square meters.

Masonry works – water and sanitation systems:

Masonry work for the construction of water and sanitation system including installation and materials for the formation of new connections for the supply of water, sewerage system for the disposal of sewage. The cost also includes all the masonry assistance, which is usually equal to 25% 30%.

The indicative cost for this item is about euro 300 each. (for each water point, 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 bidet, 1 washing machine, and so on):

Formation of screed with a low content of h2o, type “topcem” euro 50/sqm about.

Good level” supplies

Supply and installation of ceramic floor and wall tiles, about euro 65.

Supply and installation of sanitary ware, on average euro 350,00 each.

Supply and installation of taps, on average euro 100.00 each.

Works electrical system:

Any works of modification of the electrical system including materials, are evaluated on average euro 50.00 each. to point light (socket, buttons, point light).

On the basis of the following indicative prices we can determine in our case the cost per square meter. of euro 1,200.00

Types of work to renovate a bathroom and the various prices

The bathroom must also be designed in relation to the style and its dimensions. In relation to these two variables, you can choose an elegant, refined, original, simple and minimal design, vintage and classic.

Even the furniture that will complete this space, and the furnishings that will make it more functional, will be chosen in line with the characteristics of space and design.

The costs of renovating a bathroom cannot be fixed: if the works include the renovation of the entire structure, and if the bathroom is of average size, they will start from a base of five thousand euros ( 5000 euros ).

If the works involve only the aesthetic part they will have a lower cost.

The choice will also depend on the quality of sanitary ware, the flooring and the condition of the pipes. In the case of aesthetic renovation , a figure ranging from one thousand to two thousand euros ( 2000 euros ) can be reached .

The cost of bathroom renovation

To get an idea of ​​the cost of renovating your bathroom, see the following table.

Type of interventionPrice
Hydraulic system80 – € 100 per m ᒾ
Removing old tiles9 – € 10 per m ᒾ
Flooring4 – € 15 per m ᒾ
Health1,400 – € 2,000 per m ᒾ
Total price2,300 – € 3,100

The total cost for a complete renovation of a small bathroom can be between € 2,400 and € 3,100.

Obviously, the price will depend on the materials you are going to choose. Moreover, you have the possibility to restructure the bathroom without removing the tiles, adding a new layer on the old ones.

Restoring the bathroom: an indicative estimate

       Full bathroom:  Price € 2,600

       Detail of bathroom renovation works:


  • Removal of old sanitary ware and related taps including low drop, transport and relative disposal.
  • Tile removal including low drop, transport and relative disposal.
  • Formation of new break-ins for water systems.  

Complete hydraulic system:

  • Formation of new hot / cold water points and preparation of drains.


  • Closing of the trenches with cement mortar.
  • Formation of new plastering with plumbing of the walls.

Installation of tiles:

  • Floor tiling including joint grouting.
  • Tiling coating including joint grouting.

Sanitary painting and laying:

  • Painting the ceiling and walls.
  • Assembly of new sanitary ware and taps.
  • Bathroom renovation price: 2,600 euros

What you need to know about the costs before making the bathroom again

Anyone who intends to renovate their own bathroom asks this legitimate question, but the answer cannot be univocal, given that the total price of the intervention depends on multiple aspects, therefore on the size of the bathroom, on the type of Interior Design that you intend to recreate , from the market value of the furniture chosen, the size and shape of the room, only to list the main ones.

From a practical point of view, redoing the bathroom can include a rather wide range of interventions: for a renovation of this type it may be useful to build new floors and coatings, thus also eliminating the old ones, modernizing the electrical and drainage systems, placing new ones furniture, in addition to all the various installation operations.

A fundamental aspect if you want to redo a bathroom is also linked to the design: this phase is crucial in order for the new bathroom to be perfectly in line with the functional and aesthetic expectations of those who need restyling , so these activities absolutely must also be included among those necessary to carry out a quality renovation.

In light of the above, it is certainly a good suggestion to rely on a company that knows how to operate as a General Contractor , so that it is able to provide for restructuring in a completely independent way.

A solution of this type is very advantageous above all from the point of view of costs: if the entire restructuring order is assigned to a single company , in fact, it is likely that it will offer a cheaper price compared to the overall expenditure that should be supported addressing companies with different skills.

Beyond the economic convenience, entrusting the task to a single company offers much more solid guarantees, given that the reference company for any kind of need is always one, without considering that redoing a bathroom is an activity that requires of well-coordinated interventions, therefore relying on a single company makes these operations much more efficient.

In all cases, obviously, the company to which one relies must be transparent, providing detailed estimates: the cost to redo the bathroom must be specified before the intervention is carried out, so those who request the service must absolutely not find themselves in having to bear unexpected expenses.

We must not forget that doing the bathroom again, in this period, is very convenient, thanks to the currently active tax deductions: in assessing the estimates provided by specialized companies , in fact, we must also consider this interesting aspect, which has already pushed so many people to take this step, very useful to make your home more comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

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