How to choose a circular saw

You want a job well done? Do you want the precision and accuracy you put into every cut? Well, in that case, then you need to arm yourself with patience and start looking for your cordless circular saws. It seems almost easy, to a layman or a novice, to say: “Of course, all you have to do is to swoop in without art or part in a DIY tool shop, pick one at random and buy it.

After all, they all do the same thing.” In short, about the fact that they all do the same thing, that is engraving and cutting, there is no doubt about it: the problem is that some models do it better, others do it better; some offer additional tools to improve and facilitate your cutting experience, while others instead seem to make your work even more complicated. Precisely for this reason, then, it seems that throwing yourself headlong into a shop without any knowledge is one of the least intelligent choices you can make.

Over-the-counter comfort

It happens very often to those who work in the construction industry, but at the same time also to those who want to devote themselves to DIY work a little more complex than usual, having to engrave and cut with great precision some boards, whether made of wood or other material. Just think about laying a parquet floor: how many cuts will it take? Well, a circular saw for wood makes this operation much simpler and less tiring.

When it comes to do-it-yourself work, the possibility of saving energy is fundamental: this makes it possible to lighten the workload on the individual operation, and at the same time to deepen the work possibilities in the medium – long term. In fact, it is easier to endure an afternoon’s work if there is an automatic and efficient tool such as a manual circular saw to help you.

However, this requires at the same time to consider carefully and thoughtfully the model on which you are going to orient yourself: in fact, buying a table saw good just to weigh down your work, destroy your ears and perhaps risk chipping most of the cuts, can only bring frustration and anger. On the other hand, a circular saw for wood with flakes, is precisely the one that will simplify the life of every good worker.

The best on the market

Just to help you in the search for a model that proves to be suitable for every need and every specific need, I have thought well to report in this portal what, in my opinion, are the five best models of hand circular saw on the market today. The same ones that, after all, you have already been able to see in the comparison table that I have proposed a little above: you will see, each of these models has some special features.

Some of these models, as you can read in the appropriate reviews, prove to be dedicated mainly for their use in a strictly professional environment; others, instead, can be used without any problem also by the average husband, engaged in DIY works in his own home. A variety and breadth of range that I decided to keep also in view of selection and review, to meet every kind of reader.

But at the same time, a peculiar and specific analysis of each of them will show you how it is always necessary to proceed also to a comparative analysis, which I can only leave to you. After all, it is you who know your needs and the objectives you have set yourself: and it is from these that you will be able to identify the most suitable model for you.

Dimensions and use

Here, too, size matters. We can say, if you want, that the dimensions will have to adapt to the type and size of the cuts and engravings you are going to make: do a quick calculation! It is impossible (or at least very difficult!) to make a large cut with a circular saw instead.

And together, you will also have to evaluate the nature of the material you want to cut. Of course, there is a difference between cutting a wooden board and cutting a slab of some metal. In fact, not only the size of the circular saw blades, but also the power of the tool can affect a better or a worse success of the cutting operation. To disregard an assessment of this kind is to risk ruining your work.

Without therefore having to forget about these aspects when evaluating the possible purchase of a mini circular saw, we can also recognize that it can have its own usefulness, even not indifferent. What remains fundamental is that you must always keep in close correlation the tool you want to use and the type of work for which you want to devote it.

Portable convenience

Like any self-respecting circular saw, you may find yourself using it even far away from the place where you usually have to use it: in short, if you are a man of the house, you may decide to work in a second home, or at a friend’s; if you are a carpenter, you will find yourself turning around a lot with your equipment. So, it can only be a convenient solution to buy a portable circular saw.

In this case, it seems to me that it is clear that convenience is no longer a choice, but an obligation in every respect. Do you see yourself wandering around with the bulky weight of a wooden circular saw? Absolutely not, you can’t afford it. But after all, you are also lucky: the market offers you a large number of portable circular saws, with a range of models from which you can easily choose.

Many of the models that I have decided to review in my site belong to the category, because after all they are the most popular, since they guarantee a perfect synthesis of manageability and functionality: from this point of view you are doubly fortunate, because their wide diffusion guarantees lower prices and a wide choice to say the least.

Prices and offers

This is, every time we have to talk about it, one of the most delicate and hot topics; and not only in DIY, but now in every field of our lives. And after all, I can only share your interest (and your concern) in the subject of price and money: in a period of crisis such as the one we are going through, a strong and sharpened attention to this element is necessary, just of every purchase, beyond DIY.

As a mass-produced electric tool, you can enjoy the advantage of obtaining a price containment of no small importance; moreover, since it is not a niche product but instead a widely used tool, you can be sure that it will not be impossible to find models of circular saws at more than affordable prices. And this is a central aspect, I repeat, even in the work of online evaluation and pre – purchase.

Starting from this assumption, then, it becomes essential to identify in which price ranges these types of DIY tools are located: in the table that I proposed at the beginning of this article, in fact, you can already identify the main price ranges that are affected by them. These ranges range from cheap and affordable to those that are a bit higher, especially for professional use. It is clear, however, that in the latter case it is an investment.

Among the models that I myself have decided to review on this site, I have decided to use different models, belonging in turn to different price ranges, so as to be able to help both those who are not willing to a considerable outlay, and those who want to invest a little ‘money in their business, with a view to a gain in the medium – long term. Let’s say in short that, from this point of view, I have tried to meet different types of users: I’m sure that, among them, there are you too.

Useful for wood and logs?

Various are, as we have seen, the solutions you can decide to use one. Above all, the different usability can also address a variety and a wide range of different materials: among these, one of those that is usually connected is wood, intended both as single planks and also as logs, to be cut in such a way as to make it useful.

From this point of view, however, when you want to cut logs it is necessary to identify the most suitable one: many declare from the very beginning, on the same packaging as well as on the instruction manual, as being perfect for use for the cutting of tree trunks or special logs, to extract planks and wood that can be used for other purposes; whether it is simply keeping one’s own fireplace burning, or the construction of a parquet floor.

Proceeding in this sense also means going deeper into the issues that relate more closely to the power of the circular saw for wood and the goodness of the results of its blade: a series of elements that all contribute to achieve the greater or lesser value of this or that specifically. In short, you must always consider many variables when looking for a specific one.


In conclusion, what to say? My advice is to browse the site in search of all the information you need for a more correct choice of the most suitable circular table saw for you. From this point of view, the articles presented here and the reviews provided should help you in your choice, so as to correct any risk of error or any risk of error.

In any case, in my reviews I wanted to take you further in your research, presenting some models that are certainly good for many different groups of users: I’m not sure that among these groups there is also the one in which you think you are included. Browse them individually, then compare the different reviews; to close, browse a little bit the offers here and there. Who knows that already today you can solve all your doubts.

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