How To Choose A Shower Tray

When designing a bathroom, the choice of shower tray is one of the aspects to consider. Once it was the bathtub that dictated the rules in terms of personal hygiene, today instead it is the shower method most used by Italians to wash. There are two fundamental characteristics of a shower tray: dimensions and materials.

How to choose the correct dimensions of a shower tray? 

The basic problem is to carefully evaluate the available space. During the design phase, depending on the shape of the bathroom and where you decide to place the shower, you will choose the size of the shower tray accordingly. Elements not to be underestimated are the height of the wall, the position of any doors and windows and their opening system. Attention should also be paid to the type of box chosen, whether it has hinged or sliding doors. There are various solutions available on the market that can satisfy all requirements to a certain extent. The most commonly used shower trays are square, rectangular or semi-circular in shape with increasing sizes.

What is the best material for a shower tray?

This question once made little sense, as the only material used was ceramic.

Technological progress has also led to new developments in this sector with the introduction of new materials capable of guaranteeing outstanding performance. One example is the gel-coat shower trays, which offer a number of interesting features.

They can be made with very thin thickness, surface texture similar to stone and also offer excellent grip.

Another fundamental aspect is the high resistance to scratches, scratches, chemical agents, UV rays and high temperatures. The gel coat provides a virtually indestructible coating that guarantees a long life over time.

 Another advantage of this material is the wide choice of colors to give a touch of liveliness to the bathroom.

An example of this type of product made from synthetic materials can be found on where, among the many products offered, there are shower trays made with marble effect resins very elegant and refined.  

 Are ceramic shower trays outdated?

Ceramic is the material that has always been present in every bathroom. The bathroom furniture sector really offers an impressive number of products and sometimes all this abundance can be confusing.

There are ceramic shower trays for every budget: from the cheapest to the highest quality products.

Choosing a first choice ceramic item with a series of certifications that guarantee a scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and non-slip surface, leads to costs that are sometimes even higher than the best gel-coat plate.

Generally speaking, today ceramics are still a solution that can guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio, a meeting point between adequate resistance, good longevity and affordable costs.

Of course it has some limitations, such as the high thickness and the colour that can only be white; those who want different shades must necessarily turn to another type of material.

 Acrylic shower trays

 The last material to take into consideration is acrylic, which allows solutions with very low thicknesses and floor-level installations, for a decidedly modern and attractive aesthetic. They are also shower trays with low costs.

 So this is the best material? Unfortunately, it has one flaw: it is very delicate.

Heat and light can cause premature yellowing and chemical agents can easily damage the surface.

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