How To Find The Best Company To Renovate The Bathroom In Rome

Nowadays, having your own bathroom can be much simpler and less expensive than it was several years ago. But how to find the best company to renovate your bathroom in Rome? What are the rules to pay attention to when renovating the bathroom in Rome?

Why renovate your bathroom

The renovation of the bathroom in Rome is one of the needs that involves a large number of people. Usually, an operation of this type in the house is done for several reasons: it is proposed to make a makeover of the bathroom, for example, when it is necessary to operate with a restructuring after several years since the house was built or since the previous restructuring was made, or you can proceed to this intervention in the house when there are specific needs, such as that of transforming a bathtub into a functional shower, or even more simply for aesthetic reasons.

In answering the question of why to renovate the bathroom, therefore, we must give some important elements to define a precise answer. It is often thought that the renovation of a room in the house, such as the bathroom, is only related to specific needs such as those that require the renovation of sanitary facilities due to wear and tear and time that passes: this may be true, because in principle after a few years from the first renovation or construction of the house is good practice to accurately restore pipes and sanitary facilities also to avoid emergency situations, such as pipes that break and leak water, causing extensive damage to walls or floors.

However, rebuilding the bathroom can also be linked to other needs, such as transforming an element into something else more useful, practical and functional.

Especially those who do not have much space in the bathroom or those who have elderly or disabled people in the home may prefer that within this environment there is a functional shower instead of an uncomfortable and impressive bathtub: for this reason it may be decided to do some specific work of reconstruction, with replacement of the element bath with shower column, and possibly also add other work such as replacing the tiles and the remake of the systems.

The renovation of the bathroom, in Rome as in all cities, can also be done for purely aesthetic reasons: over the years it is quite normal that the tastes and needs of a person change, and for this reason it may be appropriate to redo a bathroom, eliminating old tiles or sanitary no longer like, to prefer a totally different environment and maybe even design.

What to pay attention to when renovating your bathroom

But what should be taken into account when renovating such an environment? If you are planning to take a bath in your own home, you should be aware that the renovation of the bathroom in Rome requires special attention and costs, which should be considered in preparation.

Many people are led to think, erroneously, that the renovation of the bathroom does not require any special attention, but in reality it is good to know that there are very specific rules regarding this operation, and that this should also be considered the economic aspect and therefore of the actual possibilities of our spending.

In addition, there is also the aesthetic aspect and the quality/price ratio to be considered: it is in fact important to respect our propensities and our aesthetic tastes, also identifying resources that allow us to obtain the desired result at the best possible price.

 To answer the question of what to pay attention to when renovating the bathroom, we can summarize the following needs:

  •     Rules and bureaucracy: it is good to always check the rules and regulations that are defined within the Building Regulations. Therefore, before carrying out any intervention you must be aware of these rules to be respected, and possibly inform yourself at the competent office of your municipality, and in this case, the municipality of Rome;
  •     Economic aspect: finding the right resources to deal with this expenditure by finding a good balance is essential for the success of the intervention and also to avoid being disappointed at the end of the renovation operation;
  •   Aesthetic aspect: the styles to which today we can refer even in the case of a renovation of the bathroom in Rome are really many, and it is certainly not easy to find the right combination of elements, unless you already start with very specific ideas. In any case, it is also good to find the right value for money and know how to choose functional elements that respect our aesthetic propensities, without spending an eye of the head and then identifying the best value for money possible.

In general, doing bathroom renovations in Rome is easier, thanks to technology and modernity, than what happened some time ago: many interventions can be done simply by a communication of the beginning of the work, while for others special communications such as the Cilia or the Scia, depending on the type of intervention are enough.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Rome

When it comes to interventions such as bathroom renovations, it is very important to be informed about the costs that need to be incurred. How much can it cost, for example, to renovate a bathroom in Rome?

In giving an answer, remember that the costs are variable depending on the type of intervention we are going to do: if the intervention is complete, with removal of tiles and replacement with new tiles or coatings, if it includes the removal of rubble, if it is also necessary to make remakes of water points, if it is necessary to make changes to the electrical system as well as to the health, the costs may increase.

The case of simple aesthetic changes is different, such as, for example, just changing the sanitary fixtures or just the new arrangement of furnishing elements: a lot depends, therefore, on the number of interventions and on the type, above all, of changes that we are going to make.

To redo a complete bathroom you can go from a minimum of € 2,300.00 for a small bathroom, up to spend much more for a large environment full of elements of a certain prestige. In general, we can say that on average you spend about € 5,000.00 for a bathroom ranging from 5 to 6 square meters, with any rounding down or in excess depending on the aesthetic choices that will be made: it is clear that the choice of tiles or tiles of a certain prestige or signed can raise the cost compared to the choice of a normal pack of tiles for the bathroom.

How to find the best company to renovate your bathroom in Rome

In the consideration of the costs to be faced for the renovation of the bathroom in Rome, we must not forget that a particularly important role also plays the company that we choose to follow the renovation work.

It is clear that, unless you have specific skills in the field, we can not manage interventions that require the ability and manual skills of multiple professions: the plumber, a key role in the management of water and sanitation, the connection of water points or any changes and checks that will be made during the intervention, a possible electrician, if the environment is also required to maintain the points of light, and clearly architects or experts in the field for what concerns the design phase.

For these reasons, it is necessary, also for a question of order and to be sure of saving in the long term – if the work is done well there will be no problems of infiltration, for example, or losses that could create an economic problem for us later – it is good to choose experienced and qualified personnel, also able to direct towards feasible choices also in relation to the possibilities offered by the environment itself.

How to find the best company to renovate the bathroom in Rome? There are several portals that offer advice and suggestions, as the Internet is a key resource to identify experienced and qualified people, at the best possible price.

Through the request for more quotes and the comparison between them, and the reading of the reviews by users who have already had the opportunity to test the work of the companies to which they referred, we can identify the best company for the renovation of the bathroom in Rome with an excellent value for money.

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