Refurbish The Bathroom In Times Of Crisis

Despite the crisis looming, it’s time to renovate the bathroom.

To renovate a bathroom today, the price range, given the times can be very wide. The reasons that can lead you to this decision range from the need to have a comfortable and functional environment to the urgency of intervening for a malfunctioning bathroom. After a careful evaluation, it will be useful to understand if the room requires the replacement of only sanitary ware and taps or an intervention that involves the complete removal of the old system including the resulting material. In both cases a valid help will be given by Selli Design that in a time of crisis, such as the one we are experiencing, will guide you step by step in the search for the most convenient and suitable promotional items for your needs.

The vademecum to renovate your bathroom

If you have decided to replace only the sanitary ware, a communication to the Technical Office of your municipality will be sufficient. Instead, if the work should include masonry work and movement of partitions will require the presentation of the DIA through the intervention of a qualified technician. So if the choice should fall solely and exclusively on the replacement, to get an idea of how the costs of materials can vary, the indications proposed by Selli Design will guide you towards an optimal solution. The company has tried to make the search easier and more pleasant by inviting you to look for the graphic symbol that distinguishes the items in promotion. Just connect to the internet and click on the article to be replaced following a list that will take you through an interactive path from the ground and suspended toilets up to the choice of countertop washbasins, built-in and suspended.

Choosing Selli Designer is a matter of style

The choice will be dictated not only by an exclusive search for savings but also by that particular touch of elegance and design that will allow you to show off your bathroom thanks to the careful selection of products selected by the experts of the company. It is important to choose the material that best suits your needs based on personal taste and architectural style that distinguishes your home. The sanitary fixtures selected by you, besides representing the search for comfort and functionality, will also be able to gratify your aesthetic “sixth sense” for their exclusive design.

It’s time to act and not to delay any more, also because convenience is just a click away.

 Experts will guide you in the choice that will go from the sanitary floor of Compositions New Age, Pretty, Unica and then move on to similar series suspended up to the modern and trendy Lyfe, Luna and Wind. The proposed promotions are aimed at all those who have decided to renew their bathroom with the intention of saving with taste and intelligence by choosing products of the highest quality. It’s also time to choose because the recommended offers are the result of a proposal of lines of sanitary ware and washbasins selected among the trendiest items sold in the last year. Each product in promotion is marked by a graphic symbol placed on its side with the indication of the conditions of purchase and the discount applied.

Essentiality in sanitaryware

The philosophy behind the latest generation of products designed by Sabrina Selli, is to think of useful and essential sanitary ware, without sacrificing style and aesthetic value.

The usefulness to which we refer is not obvious, but expresses the desire to put the customer and the user at the center of attention, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product.

The bimonthly magazine “Come ristrutturare la casa” n. 1, published by Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.a. wanted to dedicate a small editorial to this washbasin, writing this way:

The “Foglia” washbasin highlights the desire to combine traditional production with ceramic elements of high creative value. Designed by designer Sabrina Selli, the model is very refined and furnished, evoking oriental sensations and leading back to atmospheres of pleasant relaxation. A glazed ceramic that enhances a timeless bathroom.

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