Sanitary bathroom: which are the best and how to choose

Sanitary bathroom: types and regulations

The choice of bathroom fixtures begins with the study of the installations, the measurement of the space and the establishment of the spending limit. These are the three pillars around which you must move before starting the research ‘in the field’. Here are the preliminary actions that we recommend you take: Kohler reviews.

Inspecting a plumber. It will be the professional in charge of indicating the position of the discharge column, i.e. the element of the system that determines the type of sanitary fixtures that you will be able to install, selecting between suspended bathroom fixtures, floor-standing sanitary fixtures and flush bathroom fixtures. The professional will also calculate the minimum spaces to be respected, according to UNI 9182/2010. The space between the vase and bidet is not less than 20 / 25 cm, while there are at least 50 cm that must remain clear frontally to have freedom of movement within the room.

Be the architect of your bathroom. The elements of the bathroom should harmonize with the wall coverings, for example tiles and wall colors, floors and accessories such as cabinets. All of the individual elements should be harmonious and in line with your taste expectations and the furniture in the bathroom.

Bathroom sanitaryware types

After having determined the available space and the layout of the plumbing system, you can proceed with the choice of the type. These are the ones you will find in online catalogs and specialized stores.

Suspended bathroom plumbing – They are the most fashionable, lighter and also more practical because they can be cleaned easily being free also in the lower part. They are fixed to the supporting wall by means of special steel brackets doweled to the wall. On them weighs the weight of the entire element and it is therefore very important that they are fixed properly. Please note: the suspended sanitary fixtures can be installed only in case of wall drain and not on the ground.

Floor-standing sanitary fixtures – These are the classic bathroom, toilet, bidet and washbasin elements, which have a more or less large base that connects them to the floor drain in the floor, if so arranged. They can be placed against the wall, or connected to it by a visible pipe. It is in this typology that most of the economical bathroom fixtures fall.
Bathroom flush with the wall – They can be adapted to any position of the drain and represent the right compromise between the design of the suspended sanitary ware and the overall dimensions of the standard ones.

Bathroom sanitaryware: styles and brands

How do you harmonize the various types of sanitary ware in the context of bathroom furnishings? Depending on the style, you can use some tricks to give a unique and personal touch to your bathroom. – Classic bathroom fixtures

If it is not possible, or necessary, to put your hand to the plumbing system and you find yourself with a predisposition on the ground, the choice would fall compulsorily on the sanitary ware. Whether they are flush bathroom fixtures flush with the wall, or the classic ones with exposed plumbing, you will have to deal with the toilet box not recessed. The overall style will have a vintage visual impact with which you can have fun, combining elements for assonance or contrast. – Modern bathroom fixtures

Clean and essential lines, square shapes, transparencies and mixes of materials. These are the pivotal points for the modern and contemporary bathroom, which has in the suspended bathroom fixtures the identifying elements. The shower cubicle with granite or faux granite top, or ultra flat ceramic, the transparent glass on the wall, the washbasin on a raw wood cabinet, or on a work stand, are just some of the infinite possibilities that the modern bathroom allows, even with very small sizes.

What are the best sanitary ware for the bathroom?

There are no shapes and brands that can be classified as the best in the sector. Fortunately, the market offers solutions suitable for all budget, furnishing and space requirements. The specialized brands usually have three production lines: economical bathroom fixtures, standard and superior. A ‘tour’ on the specialized forums will allow you to get a personal idea of what each brand guarantees as a strong point. Let’s just give a brief mention to the most famous brands on the market, pointing out those that guarantee high quality standards even in the basic lines.

Ideal standard – With over one hundred years of activity, is a company that allows you to find a quality product at affordable prices. In the same product range, you can find the sanitary ware of Azzurra Ceramica and Ceramica Dolomite.

Pozzi Ginori- We go up one step with this company that sinks its history in the Florentine manufacture of 1735 founded by Marquis Carlo Ginori. In 2015 Pozzi Ginori became part of the Geberit Group, specialized in sanitary technology and ceramics for the bathroom.

We enter the world of design with Jacuzzi sanitary fixtures that cover a high price range and are aimed at customers who aspire to the exclusivity of the product both in design and materials.

The mistakes to avoid when buying sanitaryware

The choice of bathroom fittings is an electrifying and creative moment that allows you to give shape to a very important room in your home: an environment that can express a character even different from the rest of the furniture. Before proceeding, follow some tricks that will allow you to avoid careless purchases and unsatisfactory results. – Calculate, measure and then imagine – A professional inspection that allows you to understand how the plumbing is structured and to evaluate the useful spaces available, is the first step to avoid mistakes. A plumber is the reference figure in this field of action. Only after his intervention it will be possible to begin to imagine your bathroom fixtures. – Cheap does not mean convenient – As it is not said that the purchase of premium products can be the best, even with a high budget, it is equally true that cheap bathroom fixtures can be ‘expensive’ in other respects: for example maintenance, spare parts, etc.. Also in this case the opinion of those who are in the sector can be enlightening. – Invest your time well – Don’t be in a hurry: get informed, browse online catalogs and specialized magazines. But, above all, ask for more than a quote from companies and professionals able to ensure reliability on time, quality in the realization and product guarantees.

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